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My team at Xetova

Speaking of high-talent density, our team is made of driven, entrepreneurial, ambitious, skilled, knowledgeable, and creative individuals. We come together to problem-solve and find ways forward when no path is apparent. We support each other and see our differences as crucial factors to success.

My work at Xetova

Xetova is a champion, enabler, and implementer of data-driven solutions, so naturally, research and innovation are at the core of the company’s raison d’être. My key objectives are three-fold:

  1. Continuously enhance the role of research in decision-making and solutions-building
  2. Ensure the free flow of ideas across the organization
  3. Make sure teams and individuals are well-equipped to succeed in their objectives, so they can have the time, capacity, and energy to innovate.

These are broken down into many different projects and exciting initiatives across all functions within the organization as well as within the broader business community.

My experience with Driving Innovation

Good ideas can come from anywhere. Continuous innovation, on the other hand, can only happen when the right people in the right mindset have the structures and resources to come up with great ideas, conceptualize ambitious solutions, lean on realistic plans, and drive rigorous implementation. Continuous innovation is an exciting and involved process, and I am thrilled to be part of this journey in a cutting-edge sector with a dynamic and ambitious venture like Xetova.


This article was originally written by Veselina Kracheva on LinkedIn on August 24, 2022.



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