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The Sandbox

A secure virtual environment to build data-led solutions 

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Develop & test business solutions for real market impact

Are you getting full value from your data? And do you have specific business challenges you need to understand and solve? Xetova’s Sandbox is an ultra-flexible testing environment where you can build and test customised data-led solutions for your business. 

We have condensed our consulting experience and business process modules, and added our data science capabilities and AI engine to organise and power real-time data utilisation and automated insight mining – we call this platform the Sandbox. 

From problem definition, solution co-creation, testing to launch, you get a seamless Sandbox-as-a-service data experience that solves real-world business problems. And you can add capacity building and leadership training to support your journey to implementation success for your team, customers and stakeholders.

Harness ultra-stable tech & resources to turn your idea into a working & test-able concept
Access invaluable knowledge forums from a community that gives you infinite value
Engage with Xetova’s expert data science team that will help you adapt seamlessly
Experience a fully-guided process with 100% peace of mind and zero starting financial investment

With a playground that changes the proof-of-concept game for you forever.

Who this is for

The Sandbox is for business leaders, executives, and anyone who needs to create a strategic growth plan for their business, but lacks the data to make it happen.

This was made specifically for the leaders in mind who want to have the right data to make critical decisions in a minute. Inside you’ll have everything you need to create your own custom data platform that will give you all the insights you need to grow. We created this specifically for:

  • Business Owners, CEOs, Directors
  • Strategists, Business Coaches, & Thought Leaders
  • Business Analysts, Sales Managers & Business Development Managers

How it works

1. Consultation & Onboarding

We’ll dive deeper into the right questions that will help to identify the challenge you need to solve using data & science, together.

2. Build & Experience

Test out your POC’s hypotheses with the actual data you have from the real world.

3. Deploy Your Tech

If you would like to move your concept to your environment outside Xetova, we’ll prepare your platform for the migration. However, you will lose access to all of the Sandbox’s benefits.


Testing Freefall

Access to all Sandbox facilities, free of charge — tech resources, an expert team, business coaching, an excellent and adaptable CRM
Day 1-90

Extended Access

For leaders who would like to have the Sandbox benefits beyond the concept period (90 days of Testing Freefall), we can have your box reserved for you for longer on a subscription.
After 90 days
Flexible pricing based on your needs

Ready to start, or have some questions? Click Get Started below to request a free one-on one session, and we’ll see how we can help.

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Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed and meet your business goals.