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A secure virtual environment with access to a wide selection of data science tools to transform your business

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Harnessing data science, automation and analytic tools to make your data meaningful

Are you ready to make your data work harder? Do you need access to the right tools to enhance and transform your business and value chain? Xetova’s Toolbox uses a distributed intelligence model to make it easy to take your company into the future of business.

The Toolbox is an ultra-flexible environment where you give power the possibilities of data. It gives you a single point of access to a wide selection of data collection and aggregation tools. Using data science tools and artificial intelligence (AI), you can put your enterprise data to work to produce actionable insights and develop customised solutions that are simple to use and easy to implement.

The Toolbox is for businesses who want data-led insights to power decisions on growth, optimisation and product innovation opportunities

See the possibilities of your data come to life at a low cost & risk

The Toolbox gives you low-cost, low-risk access to a wide array of tools and applications so you can develop solutions that match your needs and integrate seamlessly into your business and ecosystem.

We have already facilitated real-world successes across organisations of different sizes with different levels of data maturity. Our team has the expertise and experience to help you and your full value chain benefit from the power of data. And the Toolbox is where you will see the possibilities of your data come to life.

  • Supply chain intelligence
  • Management reporting
  • Finance
  • Compliance
  • Business development
  • Relationship management
  • Customer engagement
  • Security
  • Data & security governance

Who this is for

Are you an enterprise with limited data science and IT resources?

You may be trying to understand which Enterprise Resource Management systems may work for their type of business and problem, and predominantly run manual or basic data systems.

The Benefit
  • Direct engagement with our team in the Sandbox onboarding process
  • Great value in its simple and option-rich test environment.

Are you an enterprise with formalized IT resources and some level of data analytics capability?

You have enterprise platforms that include adequate business intelligence for monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting across key metrics. You may even have an in-house data analyst or function, but they are looking to make their data work harder.

The Benefit
  • Require limited engagement to make full use of the possibilities of the Sandbox
  • Easy integration into your systems when implementing your solution and continuing your data journey with the Toolbox.

Are you an enterprise that has a Chief Data Officer or similar function supported by a data science team?

You understand the business advantage of data science. While you have a mature IT infrastructure and analytics, your challenge is often integrating solutions from data science insights into the organization.

The Benefit
  • Achieve simplicity, integration, and buy-in across the organization for project success.

Are you an enterprise with the latest technology and advanced data science skills?

You run advanced database management systems, virtual machines, data lakes, and warehousing. You also have advanced data technology and data science teams. However, you require solutions to optimize your existing systems to achieve efficiencies, work across legacy systems and deepen the use of data in risk visibility.

The Benefit
  • Achieve simplicity, integration, and buy-in across the organization for project success.

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We are there for you across the lifecycle of a project and beyond, to support your business transformation and success.