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I have learnt to trust the process, and to have a teachable spirit while at it.

My passion

People, passion and passion again! are three things I am extremely passionate about.

The journey

I remember when I joined Xetova it took me a few weeks to get accustomed to how smart people were.Now this is the thing, its literally everyone who is smart 😀. It was this high talent density environment where everyone was so good at what they did! and that just blows your mind and teaches you to listen for a moment.😀 The beauty of the team lies with the collaboration, no one person can work on a project from beginning to end without needing 2 or 3 other team members.

My role

Remember my 3 things, people,passion and results?I just did not realize how deeply these are connected with what I do everyday until I deep dived into my program management role. I am an account Director and Program Lead at Xetova and to bring perspective to what Xetova is all about,we are constantly teaching users to become analysts and consumers of analytics.

We are a people first organization. Beyond the technology that we build, we are focussed to see that we have empowered the people who will be using that technology first. My role is to help partcipants define the gaps they have within their organizations, leading & guiding them to a solution that helps them transform their organization.

Everyone at Xetova is building something, from the CEO Bramuel Mwalo to the developers,to the data analysts,to the product leads to the marketing team,etc. I love that my role is about building people, Its the impact that I have seen the program create that drives me.

My biggest win so far has been to train and graduate 100+ leaders, my joy is to be part of the team that gets to transform Africa.


This article was originally written by Sylvia Njambi on LinkedIn on August 1, 2022.

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