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In Short  | The user experience and journey of a digital initiative need to be simple, intuitive and in line with the users’ objectives. The technology’s complexity is irrelevant so long as the user experience is simple.​

CEO Perspectives

Japheth Ogalloh, Managing Director, Old Mutual

Key Concept: Simplify the Real-Life Journey

“Old Mutual partners with Smart Applications to create healthier and happier communities by digitizing medical access. With the biometric access and electronic data interchange (EDI) platform, clinical and financial data is seamlessly transmitted to us from the partner hospitals, achieving efficiency for our customers and agile green operations for sustainability. Since there is no need for physical papers or tedious manual reconciliation, this digital solution has significantly simplified real-life processes for the organization.”

Japheth OgallohManaging Director, Old Mutual

Key Concept: Ensure Smooth Transition for the User

“In the turnaround-time monitoring system, our team provided a simple, automated solution to record the actual schedules of the housekeeping staff who prepare patients’ rooms. The staff uses the room’s landline to input their arrival and departure time, so their experience with this digital solution is very simple and low-tech. This allowed us to gain important insights for decision-making, while removing the need for extensive training and a difficult transition for the housekeeping staff.”

Dr Toseef DinCEO, MP Shah Hospital
Dr Toseef Din, CEO, MP Shah Hospital
Martin Mugambi, CEO & MD Kenya, East Africa Cluster Head, Citibank

Key Concept: Simple Solution Even with Complex Technology

“At Citi, we utilize digital tools to enhance the interactions of our corporate customers with different payment platforms. Through an intuitive user experience, we extend solutions that use advanced techniques, including machine learning and AI, to our clients who are a diverse set of users with differing levels of tech adoption.”

Martin MugambiCEO & MD Kenya, East Africa Cluster Head, Citibank


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