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xetova, became the first local Tech company to join MIT Solve – Health Security and Pandemic Innovators 2020 Cohort, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), as one of the 35 solvers globally.

MIT Solve recognized xetova for its AHSA® Platform, a health security and planning technology tool that supports Kenya and in the near future, other African countries to effectively manage disease burdens with the goal of enhancing a country’s level of preparedness, ability to mobilize resources needed and enhance effective collaboration in responding to health threats.

“Our current mission in the health space is to use our platform technology to convene the largest network of decision makers, responders and supporters of health security and resilience in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic”, said Mr. Bramuel Mwalo, CEO & Founder. “This platform is an AI-driven platform that forecasts demand of essential healthcare products and ensures their timely delivery across African health systems. It provides powerful visualizations in tracking disease burdens and forecasting the demand of essential healthcare products. Using action triggers and recommendations, AHSA provides a robust collaboration framework that ensures seamless just-in-time sourcing, and tools to support mobilization of resources needed for procurement. The platform’s goal is to ensure that the population that solely depends on public healthcare has assured access to essential treatment. In Africa, this is about 900 million people”, he added.

xetova was one of the seven social entrepreneurs selected under the Health Security and Pandemics Challenge from 95 countries who responded with 736 new and creative solutions. The solutions in this category help in preventing, detecting, and responding to outbreaks, as well as strengthening access to affordable primary healthcare systems, enhance disease surveillance systems, and improve healthcare supply chains.

“Our expert judges selected seven solutions from a group of 15 outstanding finalists, and we are thrilled to announce that xetova is one of the 2020 Health Security and Pandemic Solver Cohort!” said xxx, MIT Solve

As part of the MIT Solver program, xetova stands to benefit from matchmaking opportunities in a global problem-solving commutnity, funding, access to other leading innovators, mentorship from global business leaders and professional coaching.

About Xetova

xetova is a community-driven platform that connects suppliers, buyers and financiers in the procurement ecosystem. Our objective is to improve our users’ sourcing operations and mitigate risks that come with doing business in procurement.

xetova aims to enhance performance in Africa’s procurement ecosystem and to make it more inclusive to local businesses. We do this by accelerating better decision making, greater visibility into contracts, access to favorable SME financing, and better risk management for buyers, suppliers and financiers.

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About MIT Solve

Solve is a marketplace for social impact innovation. Through open innovation Challenges, Solve finds incredible tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world. Solve then brings together MIT’s innovation ecosystem and a community of Members to fund and support these entrepreneurs to help them drive lasting transformational impact.

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