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I have been able to champion value for money on allocation needs with accountability on the return on spending to support the operations of the business while managing relations on all money matters to ensure the realization of the success story as the team makes strides in a sound environment. @Xetova we are constantly building solutions to make life easy through using the data we have. #WhatWeAreBuilding Our goal is to make an impact, not just in the lives of future leaders but also on their families and communities.

My team at Xetova

The journey at Xetova has and is, day by day, an inspiration. A refreshening hand in hand expedition towards a common goal and an aligned vision. A united effort of an industrious team with a zeal to create value in a fast-changing world of technology. Collectively themed, the company of the future.

My experience with making money decisions

I’m passionate about numbers. Money is, amongst others, one of the most critical ingredients in the recipe of success and sound operations of an entity. It is the lifeblood of a business. A balance of allocation across the needs and wants to spend with an implied versus actual return on spend is crucial to proper utilization of cash and its equivalents as a resource.

My work at Xetova

My role as a finance associate is to take responsibility for financial transactions, records, analysis and the accountability aspect of the financial reporting of the company. I manage the accounting functions of my department.It goes beyond this with an exhilarating mile by being part of a team tasked with financial & business analytics.



This article was originally written by Philly Glenn on LinkedIn on September 10, 2022.

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