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The Kenya Private Sector Alliance, KEPSA, has entered into an agreement with Xetova Limited that will see the two organisations cooperate in supply-chain transformation with the understanding that it presents tremendous opportunity for improving resilience, strengthening GDP and creating socially-desirable impact for the Kenyan economy through inspiring action by individual industry players.

The agreement was sealed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed by KEPSA CEO Ms. Carole Kariuki and Mr. Bramuel Mwalo, Managing Director, Xetova Limited at the KEPSA offices.

The objective of the MoU will include collaboration in;

  1. Creation of Xetova’s CEOs Perspectives Report: this is a comprehensive study on digital transformation for the B2B value chain has never been done before in Kenya and the topic is still very new globally.
  2. Implementation of The WeDeliver Agenda Africa, which is an end-to-end technology driven initiative that is designed to support Africa’s large buying organizations include more women-owned businesses to access procurement opportunities and succeed in this marketplace.
  3. Planning and execution of the National Dialogue Conference: this is a National Conference on supply chain transformation that will expose participants to ideas, trends, strategies, tools, technologies that can be adopted to transform how organizations are strategically organized and positioned to transform how they manage their processes and act in the various supply chains to create impact.

Xetova Limited is a technology company incorporated in Kenya that is developing solutions for Africa’s procurement marketplace that are simple to use and implement with the aim of transforming it to be less complex, a natural value – and growth – driver for local businesses.


This article originally appeared at on November 10, 2021.

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