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The application development process is never a one man show and the details involved means one must always think ahead. I have been involved in building world class applications and on the flip side, I broke some of the best built (Cyber security wise)

But let me tell you something… I came to Xetova and I was humbled to go back to BASICS.

This is Bright leading and working with a team of Data Scientists/Engineers/Analysts, Cloud and Cyber Security gurus, software developers of both backend and frontend, UI/UX and product managers where we all must do CRITICAL Thinking daily to solve world complex problems.

It’s amazing that I get to learn something new every day and apply myself at the highest possible grade.

My team at Xetova

Dynamic, agile and Innovative are the best adjectives to describe this dedicated team. Everyone brings something that enables us to work towards our specific objectives. This makes me a learner everyday.

My experience with building technology

The type of problems we are trying to solve needs an amalgam of critical thought processes to get the right results which touches almost every part of today’s growing technology landscape.

My work at Xetova

My role is I ensure applications are built fast, well and secure by taking into consideration a holistic end to end view for a successful outcome.



This article was originally written by Dr. Bright Gameli on LinkedIn on August 15, 2022.

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