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Before an organization is data-driven, it’s people-driven. Data is only an enabler of what people are already doing

“Digital transformation is when technology begins to make life easier for a human being. When a human being’s life is easier, transformation begins. It all starts with the human being”. These were the words of Bramwel Mwalo, CEO and Founder Xetova during the company’s Insights Summit 2022 event held at Radisson Blu Hotel in Upperhill, Nairobi on Wednesday.

In the highly educative presentation, Mwalo highlighted components that are critical for successful digital transformation in organizations. According to him, organisations should first prepare and involve their people in their digital transformation processes because they are a critical cog.

“Before an organization is data-driven, it is people-driven. Data is only an enabler of what people are already doing. It can only transform what people are thinking and willing to attain,” he said.

Mwalo also highlighted that collaboration is essential in the whole process, yet it is the most underrated. He advised organisations to use technology that empowers their teams to work together seamlessly.

Moreover, to the CEO, only visionary leaders should lead digital transformation as “there is no transformation that has happened without a leader”.

Delegates following proceedings at the event [Photo: Arthur Kuwashima]

The digital world is very dynamic and only those who are able to embrace changes faster make their business processes efficient. For this reason, Mwalo stated that leaders should have in place systems that are agile. Those that can respond to changes quickly and easily.

So what’s the future of digital transformation? The Xetova CEO opines it is in insight service which is “the ability of your company to know what it needs to do when it needs to know effortlessly using the data in their hands”.

At the event, the company also launched the Xetova Sandbox: an environment for enterprises to learn and experiment what solutions and pathways would work for their journey to become data-driven organisations.  The programme comes with 90-days of free learning for organisations.



This story originally appeared at on July 13, 2022.

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