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Gina Din-Kariuki, an accomplished entrepreneur and founder of Gina Din Group,a public relations powerhouse in the region and Xetova Inc., a data science company specializing in supply chain transformation have joined forces to launch “The WeDeliver Agenda Africa”. This is a network and technology-driven initiative designed to rally Africa’s corporates to support and enable the inclusion and success of women-led or owned businesses in their supply chains.

“As a woman that started a business, grew it to be the most awarded PR agency on the continent and ultimately got acquired by one of the largest global PR companies, I fully understand the challenges of women accessing capital. Many women I know have had to struggle to get their businesses off the ground due to a lack of investment. I am so excited to be able to support women entrepreneurs. Unfortunately most traditional business models have been designed by and for men. We are not doing this as a form of charity but to ensure the women that come after me as entrepreneurs are able to realise their dreams. As a continent we cannot overcome poverty until both men and women have equal rights and opportunities”, Ms.Gina Din-Kariuki, Founder, Gina Din Group and Co-Founder, We Deliver Agenda Africa.

“This is not just about advocating for women to be included in marketplaces that matter. We believe this initiative will help us learn how to better support local SMEs to scale, be competitive, successful and delivervalue for Africa’s large supply chains,” said Mr. Bramuel Mwalo, Founder & CEO, Xetova, Inc. and Co-Founder, We Deliver Agenda Africa.

Across Africa, business growth and trade is significantly driven by Business-to-Business (B2B) related
opportunities which are equivalent to 40% of the GDP. However, women-owned and -led businesses access less than 15% of these opportunities.

The initiative will rally corporates across Africa to support women to access and succeed in delivering supply
chain related deals, guided by the below principles:

  • To celebrate the performance of women;
  • To enhance the profiles of these women;
  • To collaborate with financiers and other enablers in enhancing their capacity;
  • To pay them on time; and
  • To give more opportunities within supply chain.

As an Africa-focused initiative with Kenya as it’s launchpad, its primary goal is to support 50,000+ women across the continent to successfully deliver more than $ 10 Billion worth of deals by 2025. In doing so, We Deliver will build a robust regional trade network and catalyse the creation or maintenance of more than 200,000 jobs directly and indirectly across the various value chains.


This article originally appeared at on September 22, 2021.

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